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As if the developers are going to reply "No it sucks, don't fucking buy it."

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We got contacted by a local DJ here on 91X San Diego. He was super stoked to tell us about the gig, because he knew how much it would mean to us.

To get to this point with our local station took diligence. We've been on air with them a few times, and hook them up with merch (and some weed), and we just let them know how much their support means to the local scene.

Having a local station that really supports the scene is rare, but if you have one... become friends with them FAST. Having an advocate and ally in the music scene can open doors.

We've played at this venue before, and have headlined most of the mid sized venues in town, so the booker knows we're reliable. Gotta make your bones playing gigs like crazy. Our first 10-15 gigs were in shit bars playing for our wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/partners.

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Anyone that's able to support themselves fully from their music, has a sizable following, and has chart success I suppose.

Although there are plenty of artists who I'd consider "major" who may not hit all those categories.

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No clue - we'll get a percent of the door. Probably a few hundred bucks - maybe as much as $500? Reality is we spend much more money on gear, gas, and our rehearsal space than we currently make back from shows.

Most we ever made for a gig was around $700, which we were super happy with. I wish we made more, but we're just not at that level yet.

Also, thank you for bravely keeping Mr. Trump out of the Vietnam War.

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I definitely think so. Tons of “they’re successful” metrics to pull from, but their album debuted #2 on the UK charts, and they’re touring constantly.

They’re not one of the biggest acts in the world or anything, but they’re pretty damn successful… and their music rips.