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My russian is terrible but for anyone curious I think it says; "????, leave ukraine. Your dream to reunite the reussian empire will never come true"

Googled 'Вова' seems to mean ruler. Can't figure out if it's meant to be a compliment as in 'glorious leader' or an insult as in 'dictator'.

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Whats the interview process like. It's just every time I've been there the staff are really bubbly, friendly and great with kids. Have you ever gone to work hungover and just been like 'NOT TODAY'.

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If you can'f figure out what is wrong do you ever just turmn it off and on again? I ask cause we had this ad in the UK for the Royal navy, really hope the kid was joking.

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You could do a really interesting AMA; "I am a guy who thinks ShirleyAnneLanger's opinion is abosolute bullshit AMA!" That would be great.

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Ha, bravo.