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You were personally Jeri-trolled. Relish this moment, brother!

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For as much as I hear hipsters try to blast Bonnaroo for "selling out" without ever having stepped foot on the farm, it really has always been all about the music and positive vibes and that's why I go every year since my first one 7 years ago. You really just made my day by answering my question, thank you so much, you're amazing!

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Hi Brittany, big fan. As someone that's been to 7 Bonnaroo festivals, I've gotten the opportunity to see you twice, once on a tent stage, and then this past year on the What stage (both were incredible btw) and I'd just like to know what the experience is like playing at a festival of that size. Also, how does it feel to go from the more intimate tent stage to the massive field that sits in front of the Which stage? Thanks so much, can't wait to see you play again.