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I feel like I am speaking for most Americans when I say, Thank You for running against Bachmann... She scares the hell out of us.. oh and what are your thoughts on Global Warming?

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Music to my ears.. Thank you for your response. Follow up question, How do you feel about these Congressmen that are saying Rape is Gods will, sitting on the House Committee for Science and Technology? How does this happen?

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What kind of lip balm, from your experience, has the best results?

What is the temperature inside your tent?

Thank you for the AMA and good luck on your research.

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Hello Mr. Rather,

What is your opinion on the recently disclosed memo that gives the US Government the authority to assassinate American citizens without due process or a court of law?

Thank you for the AMA!

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Thank you for what you do. quick questions:

Is the FSA made up of al-Qaeda type terrorists, Syrian people fighting a ruthless dictator, or both? Do you believe that the FSA has the best interests of the Syrian people at heart?

Thanks for the AMA.