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If you wait a bit then some will be upvoted and others will be downvoted, thus sorting out the ones that the community feels are the most worthy of being answered. Don't feel too pressured to answer everything, since there will certainly be a ton.

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I'd just like to apologize for accidentally stalking you while you were out for breakfast one day in Vancouver. I spotted you while you were chilling at a cafe and wanted to just pop in and say thanks for being cool and all that. But then I got nervous and started to chicken out so I instead ordered a coffee and cookie and sat down nearby to try to regain some courage. The problem is I don't drink coffee because it makes me really nauseous and jumpy, so this didn't help my state of mind at all.

After about half an hour or so of pretending to mind my own business while actually pretty much just being a creepy stalker I managed to stand up and shout at you "I'VE JUST BEEN STALKING YOU FOR AN HOUR BECAUSE I THINK YOU'RE NEAT, I'M SORRY" and then I ran out of the store.

I am awkward and I apologize.

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I have yet to meet a homeschooled kid who isn't just... weird. I don't think that the social interaction lessons that you learn in a public school can really be duplicated in a homeschool environment. You say that you think your kids have no social problems due to their homeschooling, but I think that that's a belief that every homeschooling parent seems to repeat. Why would it be different in your case?

EDIT: I must admit that my comment here is likely guilty of confirmation bias. I have probably met a bunch of homeschooled kids who I just didn't know were homeschooled. I do still worry about the ability of homeschooled kids to get a proper education in social interactions though.

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I like this idea of campaigning around the world as well as in the country where you're actually up for election. Especially in powerful countries I think that the voting populace should look to who the REST of the world supports since the foreign policy of their own nation is going to be so tied into that of the rest of the planet.

If you did manage to get a lot of support outside of Iran how much of an effect do you think it would have on Iranian voters?

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It's possible that in my caffeine addled state things were moving a lot faster and louder for me than for the rest of the world around me. I remember that you started to respond saying "Oh thanks I appreciate - " but by then I had already half bolted out the door. I'm glad that I haven't scarred you towards fan interactions though!