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Can you just make the "payment" physical "payments" by making people give you a high five?

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I have a couple elementary schools around my house that allow churches to operate in them on Sundays. How is this legal? I feel like my tax dollars should not be paying for the utilities that these churches are using. Is that something worth fighting for, or another case of, that's how it is in the Bible belt?

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Do you think that we should show more of the bloody images to show people what war does, instead of hiding it from the public's eye? I find it ironic that the "less bloody" coverage is in the country that causes the most bloodshed.

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Is it just a label change, or is it regulations and examinations that have to take place to ensure they are legitimately following the labeling they are putting on their product? If you can just ask them to change the label, that's one thing, but you'll need an entire workforce to ensure it's going along with the program correctly and I don't think that is a cheap option.