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It pleases me no end to see that Hugh is still utterly charming 😍... Small wonder he has 83 children

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She's a minor? She cannot consent.

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Purely curious, fee free to ignore if it's ignorant but how much would someone of your skill charge to play an event? Or do you do that kind of thing? Again, ignore if rude sorry!

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My en suite sink and shower drains block at least once or twice a year. I use drain unblocker and try keep my hair out of the drain but it's recurring. Currently waiting on drainage men to call over yet again. Any tips on preventing it?

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What is the point of it??? It is not artsy to not have a message or a point to the whole thing, it makes no sense and your answers just confirm that it is just a collection of directionless clips. The title doesn't even make sense. Just no. Surprised Netflix would pick this up