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JimPenola24 karma

Hey, Nick – I was wondering if you by any chance remember meeting a young man at an NYC screening of “Only God Forgives” who gave you an illustrated poster of the movie? It was at the Lincoln Center, and I ask because your reaction to receiving the poster I made meant the world to me (and still does). You smiled, and much to my very pleasant surprise, asked for a second copy… so I gave you the entire remainder of my prints! You very graciously signed mine and a friend’s copy, too, which absolutely made my day.

If the interaction ended there, I would have been thrilled, but during the Q&A after the film, there was a contest of sorts in which the best audience question (as judged by you) would receive Cliff’s score on vinyl. I was the very last audience question, and before I spoke a single word you said “This gentleman actually made a poster for the film, so give him the vinyl.” I could’t believe it. I feel like I’ve been high on that day’s events for the last few years, and always tell anyone who will listen how down-to-Earth and kind you are in person.

So, thank you, Nick. Your generosity as a man is just as indelible as your art, and I hope more people recognize that as a result of this and other anecdotes. Thanks again.

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Hi, Oscar! I’m a huge fan, so thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. I was wondering how you developed + contributed to the Standard Gabriel character from Drive since, to me, that performance epitomizes the adage/cliché of “no small roles, just small actors” – in just a handful of scenes, your role becomes the emotional access point for me as a viewer.

What were your personal goals with Standard?

In lesser hands, I think that part would have easily been a forgettable & easy foil for Driver, but you, Refn, etc. craft a complex portrait. Thank you for that!

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Hey there, Chris! I have 2 very different questions:

1.) As someone who grew up in and currently resides in New Jersey (Kinnelon, Morris County specifically), I take a disproportionate amount of pride in knowing you, Bryan Singer, and Tom Cruise all have roots there.

This is kind of a ridiculous thing to ask, but... how, if at all, has NJ shaped your relationships with Bryan and Tom? Personally and/or creatively?

2.) Less ridiculous and unrelated question: how important are storyboards to you and where/when are they most helpful for you as a director?

Lastly, I love your work, and please don't ever stop doing your Twitter McQAndAs. They're the best! Thanks so much for reading & participating in this AMA!