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Pilots actually have quite a bit of work to do during some phases of the flight, even if it's on autopilot. It's not like the just switch it on and go read a book or take a nap.

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I was re-reading this interview with him and it shines a different light on recent events.

It sounds like Oculus switched gears from trying to make one headset for everyone, to making the best headset since there are other companies that will have lower price points.

"It does change the equation a little bit when you’ve got something like Gear VR and when you’re working with partners to make lower cost head mounted displays available to people… it’s a different equation than when you feel like you’re the only person service the entire market, in that case you’re trying to make these balances… what if it was the opposite if you were like ‘if only it’d been a little cheaper then we would have been able to reach more people,’ but with all the projects we’re working on and all the partners we’re working on, I’m confident there’s going to be VR existing at multiple quality points and price points and with the Rift, it makes sense to do what nobody else is doing which is invest in making the best possible quality headset."

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How often does the track get damaged?

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How many of the controls were remotely accessible? I can't imagine they would have every button, switch, indicator, etc.

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I have struggled with this at times as well. Some of the things that I found helped a lot are:

  • Using f.lux on my computer
  • Dim the lights way down about 2 hours before I want to go to bed
  • Avoid anything stressful or that would get me amped up in those 2 hours (video games, etc.)
  • Have a consistent schedule for going to sleep and waking up, even on weekends
  • Melatonin before bed. The time release version works better.
  • Have actual downtime during the day where your brain can actually process stuff when you aren't actively working, watching, or listening to stuff. If the first time you have a few minutes to let your mind wander without being occupied is when you get in bed, that's asking for trouble.
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon
  • Try to find some zen time during the day. Maybe meditating, or playing a "boring" but relaxing video game like Euro Truck Simulator or Farming Simulator.