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I find this interesting. I'm a student nurse and they've drilled into us that there's no such thing as a drug seeker. If a person says they're in pain, they're in pain. And the pain is what they say it is in regards to type and severity. Giving drugs to people who don't need it is better than not giving it to someone who does.

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A banana's what?

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I went to see my doctor and got a referral for a specialist. I went and saw that specialist. The original doctor office did not file the proper paperwork with my insurance company and the specialist never got paid. They're threatening to send to collections. I did everything right, and have a a letter the original doctors office sent to my insurance company explaining that they made a mistake. What are my options? I keep seeing "have a lawyer write a letter", but what's the cost for that usually?

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Isn't durian that one that tastes like rotten meat?

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Do you think humans will discover that we're not alone in the universe during our lifetime?