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...is it?

Great now I'm gonna binge Archer for the zillionth time.

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Hey Neil. I read The Game (good job, by the way, it inspired me to read Ulysses) and Emergency and took a trip with my friend out to California to try to find the cache you hid. I got to Big Basin and to the Lane camp site, but there were a couple clues we just couldn't figure out, and the others we did figure out seemed worthless without the rest. How close were we? Also, has anyone found it yet? And what's the reward for it?

The 25 paces east clue (or however many paces it was, I don't have the book in front of me) was especially frustrating, because 1) I couldn't figure out where to start pacing from, and 2) even if I could, I'm taller than you, so I could easily wind up a couple meters off mark. The other thing, how deep is it buried? Is that one of the clues I couldn't figure out?

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Because jihadists came across the globe to kill Americans. Is this question a joke?

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What kind of shoes do you wear? Any injuries along the way?

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This reinvigorated my trust in cat ladies.