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What’s something that is difficult to do for blind people that we don’t talk about much or at all?

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If there was a button you could push that would give you full vision, but someone else you didn’t know became totally blind, would you push it?

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I’m a US citizen and a member of my local Amnesty International chapter

My question for you is, what do you think the US should do, if anything, what would benefit you the most ?

We stand with you!

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Ok well that’s sort of a cop out. What did you think of his actions that caused him to live there in the first place?

Do you think he should be in jail?

Do you think he had a moral high ground ?

Do you see him as a hero, or a villain ?

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I apologize if that came off as aggressive but my claim is still valid.

I would like to make a point that I would accept her opinion regardless of her answer. If she feels what he did was wrong then I accept it. If she feels what he did was right then I accept it.

What I don’t accept is an answer that doesn’t even touch the subject. The question asked what she thought about Snowden, implying how she felt about his character, actions, and intelligence, really anything that encompasses his being. Stating that she hopes he likes the weather in Moscow isn’t even what she thinks about him but rather what she hopes for him, so this is a cheeky cop out.

So I respectfully reject your criticism.