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You totally seem like the guy who plays a lot of video games, mostly since you got Disasterpeace from FEZ (as you've said) to score a film which is pretty damn awesome. So have video games ever given influence to your works as a director?

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What do you feel is your "favorite"/ most accomplished track from the "Only God Forgives Soundtrack"? My personal favorite was the remake of "Sister Pt. 1" by M83. One of the most beautiful tracks I have heard in a soundtrack in a long time!

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What was your main goal for Company of Heroes 2? I played the beta and loved it and did notice some changes, personally all for better reason

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How do you view the future of film? With Steven Spielberg and George Lucas calling the future of seeing movies in theaters a high-price since there are so many wonderful, small, independent films, I wanted to know what you feel about it all.

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Which song, of all currently made, was the most difficult to make?