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The Mob likes operations that turn big things into untraceable, unrecognizable chunks?

I wonder what the obsession is?

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With advances in technology, what discoveries have been made that contradict/build on previous research you’ve been a part of?

Additionally, what are the emerging technologies or research methods that most excite you?

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As a Christian Iraqi-American, many members of my family have expressed distress at the current situation, and outrage that the US government hasn't done enough to help them. Some are even calling it a genocide.

As someone who is witnessing the events firsthand, do you think this is becoming (or already is) a genocide of Christians (or minorities in general)?

What do you think can be done - by either the US or Iraqi government - to protect these minorities?

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Was there ever a story you investigated but couldn't air because of executive concerns?

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Can you run us through the amount of planning it takes to carry out one of your stunts?