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JessRN4 karma

Hi! BMT RN here! It's nice to see someone who is s/p transplant x 2 years! Did you have any significant complications during your first 100 days? Was there anything that any of your nurses did that really made your day better or that you remember now?

JessRN3 karma

Good for you! GVHD is a bitch!

I love having the same patients multiple days in a row. I think it's mutually beneficial for the patient and nurse.

Stay strong, you seem to be doing wonderfully (despite the hot flashes :-)) !

JessRN1 karma

I'm a Bone Marrow Transplant nurse and from my entire unit, patients and nurses, as well as myself, THANK YOU!! Your donation means so much! I'm glad that you've had very few side effects. I hope you continue to encourage people to sign up with Be The Match. You're AWESOME!