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Jerseyprophet4 karma

I just want to express my admiration and appreciation for what you and the MPP is doing.

I am an Army veteran, and painfully aware of the 23-a-day veteran suicide rate. I've been saved, and so have many of my brothers and sisters, by having access to nature.

How silly is this, that we're still debating the legitimacy of a plant? Anyway, I am doing what I can to help the fight, and have hand-held 4 of my fellow veterans in to getting their MM cards. NJ makes it overly obnoxious and not very approachable to do so, so someone who knows how helps. It's not much, but what else can a citizen do?

Thank you for you're doing, for what MAPS is doing with clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, for all of these forward-thinkers that are helping to usher in a brighter tomorrow. With love and admiration, SGT L., US Army 2001-2007