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Hello. I am a freelance video director. You can view my work here [jeffhadick.com](http://)I have been freelance for the last ten years and have been pretty successful. I was essentially repped by a single company that provided 90% of my work. That company has since restructured and is hiring production companies instead of individuals. I am seeking advice on how to get in front of other companies. I do the usual: networking events, talk to friends in the field, cold call production companies. It’s just been painfully slow. I was wondering if you had any ideas of how to get in front of other clients? (I hope that link works. I’m using a new app).

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I’m a professor at a relatively prestigious film school and I often advise potential students not to attend. Depends on what you want to do, self motivation, how strong is your current vision. Lots of factors.

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Thanks. Creating a company has been on the table for a while and might happen soon. I will look into narrowing the scope. I’d love to tack on an extra question. When do you think following up stops being advocating for yourself and starts to become annoying? Exmp. I meet with an industry rep through mutual friends. We had a great meeting. She even told the mutual friend that it was a great meeting. She said she would get back to me next week. She didn’t. I followed up politely. She replied politely. It’s now been a month. How much do you badger and how long do you wait? Don’t want to be forgotten but I also don’t want to be a burden.

This is a great AMA. Thanks for doing it.