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Undocumented immigrants are forbidden from joining the Armed Forces. This provision exists for those people who for whatever reason we're allowed in, but generally military service is not offered to allow undocumented immigrants to become citizens

As an edit for example sometimes the Army will hire people in other countries or other countries such as Panama will have natives join the Army there that happened back in the seventies but it's not really for immigrants living in the United States usually

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Immigration attorney. Basically no. SCOTUS has given the legislature basically all of the power when dealing with immigration. However, a Trump presidency may actually help immigration reform. How you ask? Kind of like when Reagan was President he hammered immigrants but still made a lot of progressive immigration decisions. Because it wasn't the Democrats who are trying to do these policies they were able to get them passed. If there was a Democratic president the Congress would never allow immigration reform to pass because it would be seen as a win for the Democratic Party. It won't get much fanfare but Trump has the potential just the potential to do more than perhaps a Obama did. Disclaimer not a trump supporter

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Did you talk to any attorneys or just wing it? If the latter I'm impressed!