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JeremyDylan4 karma

Can you please talk about your philosophy behind lens selection on a project? Am I right in thinking you didn't really go beyond a 50mm on the Batman pictures?

JeremyDylan3 karma

Why is "Instinct" such a rarely performed gem? Also, how long have you been playing that red Gretsch Duo Jet?

JeremyDylan2 karma

How much did GIMME SHELTER cost to license for that episode? Whatever the answer, it was worth it.

JeremyDylan2 karma

How have you found balancing the stand alone episodic nature of the show with the more serialised elements that have come to the forefront as the show has worn on? And has CBS pushed you more in either direction?

JeremyDylan2 karma

What was your process for communicating your ideas to your cinematographer Christos Voudouris during pre-production and on set?