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Jer-o-nimo348 karma

Hi Gordon! Really excited about the new course. I am starting to teach a few basics to my kids (8yo, 2x 5yo and 2yo). We started with bread making.

At what age did you start involving your kids in the kitchen and what did you cook? Any tips on how to get them interested?

Jer-o-nimo43 karma

Awesome! I was planning to start a vegetable garden this year, now I might add a few chicken. I love how you started with the products, the work that goes into it and the respect. Inspiring, thank you!

Jer-o-nimo6 karma

Isn't that a giant cheat? Everything tastes amazing when you're high...

Jer-o-nimo2 karma

Ok. Signing up now.

I was hesitant as to the added value of the masterclass but that sounds AMAZING!

Jer-o-nimo2 karma

Go for a slow cooking recipe, like a stew : - tasty and impressive, yet very easy - if you're getting lucky early, more cooking time won't be an issue...