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Yes, but I keep tripping over my ticket sales.

And by the way, your mother loved my performance.

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Well, not to get too technical, the difficult letters are BFMPVW and Y. All those are tough to say without moving your lips! The ventriloquist gets around it by substituting sounds that sound LIKE those, and then mastering the fake sound to sound most like the sound. B is said with a D; M is said with an N, etc.

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The fans that show up to the live shows LOVE him. He is a failed terrorist that has fallen in love with all the great ”trapping” of the free world... Shopping, movies, cars, etc.... But he still feels like he needs to be a terror. Achmed is very conflicted. Makes for great comedy. anyone who comes to a show realizes it’s all good stupid fun.

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Next question...

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Come on Mom, leave me alone!