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As an official tasked with upholding election integrity, does it bother you about accusations or even evidence of collusion? If so what are the plans to prevent unfairness in the future primaries?

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I have 2 rescue animals. They are both pitbull mixes and one of them is very dangerous. They were both raised in a loving and nonviolent environment but one of them can completely "snap" and is a danger to both animals and people. I have been a defender of pit bulls my whole life and fully subscribe to "nurture vs nature" philosophy when it comes to these animals. However, my one pitbull has a larger potential for danger than the other and I cannot say it is owner/trainer. I have raised both dogs under the exact same environment and one of them is extremely more dangerous than the other. Doesnt this speak to evaluating the breeds potential for violence along with its upbringing?

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Thank you for your answer but do you know of any specific steps the election commission will take to prevent future Electorial Primary malfescence?

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What is the good reason to not inform officials about changes to maintain election integrity?

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Ray! I really loved you in Rome and really enjoyed the bond ya'll had as Roman Legionaires. What was your experience working with a large TV production for HBO and how do we get more shows like it on TV/Streaming?