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  1. Worst mess ever?

  2. Guys or gals are dirtier?

  3. MCU or DCU?

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My heart dropped at this point:

...he’s seen numerous dead songbirds in Mexico and Cuba, discarded on an almost “daily basis during the peak of the spring migration, when most of the trapping takes place.” The birds are simply cast aside when they die..

  1. If we are in a foreign country and encounter Songbird trafficking (pet store or otherwise), what are the appropriate steps to take to report it?

  2. Do you think captured Songbirds that are beyond rehabilitation, should be used in a Zoo/Sea World/Habitat like manner: Displayed and taken care of in order to bring awareness to people?

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This is by far the best show to giggle to late at night. During the day it's hilarious, but late night me loves the ideas!

I remember the 'Free Tv' idea he had. To advertise a TV as FREE; and it was...but you had to crawl through a tiny door and go past an alligator to get to it. This was one of the ones that ended up working!

But don't worry u/jonsch321 I'm going to make sure you get to bed. And I'm going to tuck you in, real good.

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Awesome! Well my favorite LEGO piece would be character Heads, because they can create such different moods! An astronaut can become a space knight, just by switching the helmet...or it can be placed on a stick as a warning to steer clear!

Thank you for the Ice Cream recommendation!

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  1. What is your marketing strategy?

  2. What is your favorite piece?

  3. Frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, or sorbet?