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Jeannie_Elias18 karma

What got me interested in the first place was talking to my dogs in funny voices. It's unbelievably rewarding, as you get to be so many different kinds of people, creatures, and objects that you'd never get to play if it were live action.

Jeannie_Elias15 karma

It is certainly enough to put bread on the table, but I have a passion for teaching. It's great fun to impart what I've learned over the years to others with the same passions that I have.

Jeannie_Elias8 karma

It's great fun. And it makes me popular among gamers. That's about it.

Jeannie_Elias8 karma

Phenomenal. She's a consummate pro, and funny as hell.

Jeannie_Elias8 karma

How to start? Study study study! Listen listen listen! To the radio, to TV, to everything. Observe and practice. Then take a class. I started as a theatrical actor - stage, film and TV and then discovered VO acting. Did them all for a long time, then Voiceover just took over.