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Cheers. My dad was a captain on the A320 back in the day for Northwest. How did you get into flying? Former military or civilian trained?

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That guy should do MMA.

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I looked at doing this through Raytheon (want to hit all seven continents) and with the regulations cutting the tourism numbers allowed to go to Antarctica this was an interesting option. Did you go through Raytheon? How was food handled was there a buffet style cafeteria or were there smaller places that offered different types of food? I read there is a bowling alley, and 3 bars there can you tell us about the social life there? Did you get the sense that a lot of people get cabin fever and sleep around? I read that somewhere on someone's blog. Was there a vacation package in the deal? I seem to remember reading that people who stay an entire year get a ton of vacation which they have to take and that most take it at the end when they land in New Zealand. Did you do this?