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Flattening the curve seems like an AWESOME plan. Unfortunately, many Americans will lose their healthcare coverage if they don’t work. Not to mention they don’t have 2-3 weeks of paid leave, sick or PTO-wise. Then there’s the problem of few Americans having more than $500 in savings so how will they feed their families?

I’m a healthcare worker in the medical lab so I do agree with the idea of flattening the curve and staying home for the greater good. Sadly, for many, it’s just not realistic. Most Americans will consider their jobs to be ESSENTIAL.

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Then there are many healthcare workers (and others) who now have to find outside childcare for their school-aged children. They’ll have to pick up and drop off their children daily from childcare facilities, possibly exposing multiple families in the process. A worker may not know of their contamination for several weeks due to the lack of available tests. Yes, flattening the curve here in America will be a challenge.

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Soooooooooooo not what I was hoping to hear.