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JayceCantor3 karma

How much do you believe that "stardom" (whatever that should mean to people) is inborn? Or do you believe that it's mostly hard work?

Also, not a question, but, love this: "...I believe that music is fucking awesome." Sounds like you really have a passion for what you're doing, and as a music fan, I agree, music is truly awesome!

JayceCantor1 karma

Really glad you did this AMA, because this will be my first time hearing about you, and my Lord, why haven't I've heard about you before?

So I just finished listening to "What's That Sound" and now "Boombox" some of the pianos chords and timbre reminded me of 90s house, are you influenced by 90s house? While I'm at it I might as well expand the question: What types of music/artists are you influenced by?