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Being here in Washington I can tell you, when the people pay attention and show they care, it has a real effect. It's easy for politicians to please powerful companies in the shadows when nobody is watching, but when they start to feel that voters are watching and care, that doesn't always guarantee victory but at least it guarantees a fight. We saw this recently when Congress voted to overturn the FCC's broadband privacy protections (which are sort of the other side of the coin of the Net Neutrality protections). Voters were MAD, and a lot in Congress are running scared over that vote now.

So stand up, make some noise, file comments with the FCC, and let your representatives know what you think!

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The FCC is an independent agency with 5 members, 3 of whom belong to the president's party at any given time. There is nothing you as a citizen can do directly to remove FCC commissioners, except work to elect a president who will appoint commissioners you agree with, and generally advocate that the current president appoint commissioners that you agree with.

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If you believe that free competition is good then you should support NN, because without it a tiny number of very large bureaucratic companies will be able to distort the enormous number of other markets that depend on a neutral playing field. If I start a new business -- let's say a travel site -- and my travel site is better than anyone else's, I should be rewarded by the market. But if I don't have the funds to pay Comcast AT&T & Verizon I won't be able to compete against some klunky incumbent even if my site's the best. Conservatives have to choose: do you want a few commonsense rules directed at a tiny number of none-too-competitive oligarchical corporations, or do you want to see distortion in the thousands of other markets that depend on the internet for their businesses.

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An enormous number of Americans DO care about net neutrality. I've worked on this issue for almost 15 years and considering how hard it can be to explain, it's amazing to me how many people know about it. Of course many people do not, but there are a lot of issues out there and people live busy lives. And remember, "most" people never cared about slavery, or women's suffrage, or prohibiiton, or many other issues. Vocal informed citizens can have a big impact.

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The top thing today is to submit a comment to the FCC letting them know what you think about this. You can do this from here: https://action.aclu.org/secure/comment-net-neutrality?redirect=net-neutralityAMA&ms=web_170712_freespeech_privacyandtechnology_netneutrality_reddit You can also share that in your networks. And of course, it is always helpful to contact your elected representatives to let them know you care about and are following this issue,