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Why not publish a custom permission or something to let developers request this ability? Seems much easier for you and the developers.

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I think the real answer is that this Cherry Trail processor only handles USB 3.0 and not 3.1. It's just not platform-supported and given that this is a Surface, there's probably no room to add the add'l hardware to support this.

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Hi EdgeDevs! Thanks for the hard work! I have 2 questions:

  1. Can we easily add Chrome extensions that are not in the Windows Store? I need me some Better Tweetdeck!

  2. Will multi-profile support be a first-class feature or is it somewhat of a secondary thing? I've noticed quite a few bugs around this (default profile from external apps, browsing on one affects newtab icons on the other, pinning the first profile to the task bar is impossible from what I can tell, etc.) which leads me to be afraid that this might be a second-class citizen. I'm hoping it's just an area that needs more attention than it has gotten so far but is expected to be rock solid by the time stable hits.

In case you care, my main use cases are: - I sometimes work from my personal PC, so separating personal and work activity is greatly appreciated! - As a web dev, having multiple profiles means multiple sessions testing the same web apps. This is tremendously helpful when logging into systems using different personas!

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Will the Surface 3 support two 1440p displays via daisy-chained DisplayPort connections? My i5 SP3 handles this great but don't know if this would work with the S3.

P.S. Thanks for answering all of our questions. Your team is pretty awesome!

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The Surface 3 is great but one of my key interests in the Surface 2 was that it gave me a great device I could recommend to my hillbilly family that would "just work" and the amount of tech support I had to provided was MUCH lower due to drivers, crapware, malware, and viruses. As such, are there any plans to bring back an RT-like version of Windows in the future? Would the yet-to-be-seen version of Windows 10 for small tablets perhaps provide this type of experience?