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I was the guy that rolled the InstallShield installs for the client. And I want to thank you programmers that were smart about where you were going to deposit all your .dlls. Having to flush a system and roll back and install for testing was monotonous.

On topic, as a semi-retired IT guy, and supporter of a mother who says things like "I checked on The Google and I still don't understand", by and large software has to be written for the end user. They are not IT people. They are not Programmers. They are the End User. And when we build software that fits that, it is going to feel a bit like crayons to the hi-tech sector.

That doesn't mean that the functionality to deselect isn't built in, it just means that by default, you are going to have to go in and tailor what the software does. It is when there is no radio button for 'custom' install that we all get irate.

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I grew up in Vail Colorado. I totally could feel your plight. On more than one occasion I had to figure out how to get out of powder that was as deep as me, and it's not like your ski stopped with you. Nooooo, it continued 4 feet under the snow for who-knows-how-far before stopping.

Turns out sinking into powder was much more likely than ever falling into quicksand in my childhood world.

And I was sure I was going to sink in quicksand at any time.

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The moment I clicked on the first picture, all of my external drives here in my home office spun up.

they know......they know.

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I realize it was public information. I asked the question when I was ahem -indisposed. which didn't lend well to a full WHOIS search at that particular moment. I mean, movement.

Thank you for the help.