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I want to take this opportunity to lobby for The Expanse.

I know Netflix has streamed some seasons regionally in the past, but with Amazon's recent announcement that they will stop producing it after season 6, The Expanse needs a new home. After season 6 finishes, they will still have a large, overarching storyline to wrap up, and the series creators have been insistent that they are NOT done with the show.

I'm sure licensing is a major issue, and it might be difficult to work with Amazon on past seasons that they've produced etc. But, PLEASE, don't let this show fall by the wayside. It is widely regarded as one of the best science fiction properties in decades, and Netflix relentlessly claims that they work hard to support and promote original, high quality content. This is a major opportunity for your company to act in good faith on that pledge. You might not see the same return on investment that your stockholders have come to expect, but I see it as a chance to make good on the notion that Netflix isn't just about the bottom line, but truly cares about helping creators to tell unique and interesting stories.

Please Marc, Save The Expanse!

If you want to see the show continue like I do, please take a moment to reply to this comment. We need a huge outpouring of support to make this happen, and this is a chance like no other to show the Netflix leadership that there is real demand for this show.

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There were still so many questions left for him to not answer

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Probably around the time they fired Victoria

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Eek barba durkel

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He is the single reason I stopped watching the show. Every time the conversation is going toward anything remotely intellectual or controversial (you know, the topics i watch a panel show for), Ricky Velez pulls out some stupid quip about twitter or some pop culture new story.

It's pretty clear he's on the show to provide the humor and 'non-scientist' viewpoint, but do you really need that? His irreverence and snide jokes completely kill the show for me, personally.