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This made me smile

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How did yall get into this industry? Have you faced a lot of challenges/obstacles in this career because of your gender?


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Yay capitalism!

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This was very, very informative.

My only further question is, you write "When I've been asked myself of my thoughts about reunification and I've given my honest answers, the look of despair and horror on their faces is upsetting to see.", what have you told them? Is it that they "realize" something they havent thought before? Didn't quite understand that part.

Thank you!

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Do you think that North Korea is falsely depicted in the vast majority of western media? That its people is being demonized and lied about in the purpose of making an even greater "enemy" out of DPRK? Do you think the DPRK pose a threat on the western world?

Have you had any discussion with citizens about any of the hard issues, such as oppression of the state and such?