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JaniceinGlass692 karma

You have to feed your stove that often? I only have wood heat too. I'd die...lol. In the worst of winter it's usually about every 6 hours. (North ontario Canada) I couldn't manage without running water either...I have a well and use a generator to pump what I need. You are a brave girl!!! I'll will think of you in February!! :)

JaniceinGlass205 karma

Ah, that makes sense. I can say that this stove wasn't cheap, but turned out to be well worth it. Uber efficient, I only burned 9 face cords of wood last year, and still enough of a flat top that it can be used for cooking or water heating. Im looking into moving to more solar, but the generator was worth it too! Lol. I couldn't have done it with kids though...so I stand by my brave comment.