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I'm so happy all three of you survived!

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Hi, Caitlin!

First of all, thank you so much for making the videos that you do. My best friend in the world, my 77-year-old Nan, has been ill lately, and I've found myself confronting her mortality (and mine) more and more. I'm her caretaker, so I'm the one taking her to the hospital and visiting her in rehab and taking care of her when she's back home. I try not to think about her actually not making it because I lapse into quite a depressed state.

As an atheist, it's overwhelmingly sad to think I'll never see my Nan again after she dies. I'm terrified of it actually happening.

With that, how can I become more accepting of death/be more death positive? The idea of death in general baffles me and scares me. It's as if I simply can't wrap my mind around it.

Again, thank you for your videos, and thanks for being pretty funny.

(Note - I wrote this all out last night and woke up this morning having to take her to the hospital again. They just admitted her. So I guess this AMA came at a great time.)

EDIT: I just want to sincerely thank everyone who commented and messaged me. You have all been so very kind. My Nan is stable now. She is in the ICU. It's her usual problem (due to one reason or another, her CO2 levels end up very high). I'm sure she'll love reading all of this once she's feeling better.

I try to make the absolute most of our time together. I find myself staring at her face or holding her hand and trying to internalize what I'm seeing, what I'm feeling, so that I can remember it forever. I'm so very lucky to have had her all my life, and I make sure she knows it. <3

Side note - someone below mentioned a tattoo in honor of their grandma. My Nan and I have three matching/paired tattoos. She got her first one EVER in her 60s. So yeah, she's pretty damn rad. :)

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Thanks for doing this.

What’s the messiest death you’ve seen? What was the cause of death?

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Thank you so much for replying! I felt silly after also posting on Twitter (talk about obsessive), but I was very much in need of hearing back from you, a professional. Your response made me cry, laugh and cry again. I feel somehow validated that I’m doing the best I can.

Thank you so much. 🖤

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Hi there! Thanks for doing this.

I am almost 39, bra-free by choice, and don't plan on ever wearing one again. I am also childfree and sterilized, so I will never be pregnant or breastfeeding.

As I get older, I know someday that my C cup breasts will be more "obviously" not in a bra. Do you or other surgeons perform breast lifts without putting in implants? Would that give me a natural-looking result and eliminate (most) of the droop?

I've been somewhat lucky that, even if people can tell I'm not wearing a bra, it isn't "extreme," if that makes sense. But I know that can't last forever.