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In case you weren't aware, now is a good time to call your IP attorney and make sure you're good to go with registration. This year's end is a deadline to comply with an update to registration procedures (i.e. end of a grace period) that require online registration (or re-registration) of your DMCA agents. Paper registrations are becoming void and re-registration will be required every three years online.

If anything, it'll be easier than it was before, as this is part of a push to streamline and simplify registrations with an online portal, but the requirements are strict. In the industry, we expect a small spate of litigation to occur against companies that let their safe harbor lapse by failing to update by the deadline.

Yada yada not your attorney, not even that kind of attorney, just aware.

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By that do you mean that you define the greatness of a nation by the character of the individuals in it?

It sounds like that's what you admire about your grandfather - that he was able to serve and sacrifice with bravery, but sought and built a peaceful family life. Do you mean to imply that a great nation should be defined by a brave and selfless, but fundamentally peace-seeking citizenry at the individual level?

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You're welcome! Just had a CLE on this. Happy to share.

(CLE's are the continuing legal education credits we atty's have to keep up on to stay licensed.)

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Fun story you might enjoy!

I was visiting BC to go skiing and hang out with (and traveled back down to the States with) a good old college buddy. He was up ahead of me by train to lecture at a college, and I snagged him over the weekend to drive for adventures farther north.

Coming back, I was stopped for secondary inspection at the border in Blaine for the first time in my life. Chalked it up at the time to having a brown passenger. Turns out this dude, who is actually a really fucking sharp guy, pulled a total chucklefuck move and tried to hold on to some Canadian weed while crossing back over.

I have no real complaints. CBP was downright polite and engaging with me. I remember them apologizing for the hassle during my 5-second patdown. My poor passenger got a fine and lost about $5 of weed that he had to drive, I kid you not, minutes to replace.

Anyway, funky legalization mess aside, I thought y'all were pretty professional and I had a good time chatting with the officers I talked to. Got the sense they were slightly exasperated with folks crossing with pot, but not too bent out of shape about it. What with decriminalization up north and state legalization south, seems like y'all are stuck in an annoying spot having to enforce a locally unpopular policy. I felt vicarious guilt over having wasted y'all's time.

Anyway, just wondering what your 2c might be about conflicting federal pot laws and state pot laws at the border. Any interesting stories?