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This is an incredibly hard one. Would you mind emailing [email protected] so that we can give you a better response?

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To take the advice you hope to pass along to your future clients. We're often good at telling others to be healthy, get help, etc. It's another thing entirely to take that advice in our own lives, to live and work in a way that's sustainable, that protects us from burnout, etc.

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This looks right to me! It's cool to see all of them in one place : )

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Good question. i think it's all about boundaries and balance, and that will look difference for each of us. i have one friend who gives himself 20 minutes a day for Instagram. He's decided that's a healthy amount for him personally. i think how we think about social media relates a lot to mental health in general. We all have to figure out what healthy boundaries look like, what a good self-care routine looks like. We certainly balance time online with time offline, with relationships and exercise and rest...

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This is really hard. We can't control anyone else. We can't make anyone "get it." But we deserve healthy honest relationships. We all need people who help us feel supported and understood. i think this question is a great one to process over time with a licensed counselor. Because there's so much wrapped up in it. Your needs, the need for boundaries... i believe a counselor can help you walk through it.