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[Daniel] Yeah, unfortunately, I don't get to talk about the show because WGA strike. But if your friends and mine at the AMPTP decide that they'd like to get the industry back to work, we'll totally circle back.

I don't know if the intersection of art and labor relations is your jam, but there's a pretty decent rundown about it here: https://www.vulture.com/article/wga-strike-2023.html

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[Daniel] The Expanse is going to be 9 novels and a book of short stories. We've known the ending for years.

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[Daniel] We didn't actually do a lot of extra research for the books, but we did build the novels entirely out of things we already loved and knew a lot about.

Plus which, I actually got to use my biology degree for something.

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[ty] tribalism is bad.

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[ty] The book version is some crap a couple of non linguists came up with.