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Where do you get your salt? It's so pure.

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Have you ever explored (I'm getting the name wrong) open stance drumming? It's where you never cross over, playing hi hat with your left hand and snare with your right. Usually involves lowering the hat. I found that I greatly enjoyed the style when I got past the adjustment period and I thought it might be something worth looking into if you hadn't tried it.

My old drum instructor also had all kinds of weird equipment for reverse handed new drummers like a right side hi hat with a pneumatic pedal line so it could stay on the left.

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Have you considered that your inability to view others as human beings might have had a negative effect on your perception of reality? Because turning a semantic difference into what you did shows a complete lack of any sort of argumentative capability. When one is completely lacking in logic and let's xenophobic rage control their side of the conversation, they utterly and completely lose all credibility. If you want to make your point in a way that doesn't paint you in such a poor light, I highly recommend learning how to form a cohesive argument and to actually research both your point of view and the other side so you can form a counter argument. I legitimately hope you manage to salvage your dignity with a logical argument, because discussion like this is toxic for everyone involved.

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Why was the decision made to let players team-kill and otherwise obstruct their allies?