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It's like you're reddit's grandma. This is great.

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Once again, Bill doesn't fuck around.

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What are your thoughts on the Geneva Convention then? Legitimate question, not trying to use sarcasm.

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Last Summer, I was visiting my father and stepmother at their house. They had been having some relationship problems, which culminated in my father getting drunk and taking off on his motorcycle without telling anyone where he was going.

On the third time, we caught him trying to take off. I tried to stop him, took his keys, and keep in mind he was pretty wasted at this point. So, him yelling slurred insults at me at the same time as trying to hotwire his bike, I had to call the cops.

He was never charged with anything, or even arrested. It was and is pretty traumatic for me to realize i had to call the police to keep my father for most probably killing himself. Anyway, this is super long, so my question is, would this be considered a crisis situation that kids should call you about? Thanks for your time!

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