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By looking at the friend's wedding picture, it appears that the right side of your face had some trauma. Reminds me of my friend that had bells palsy. Is the right side of your face paralyzed or something of that sort? If so, is there an expectation that this will subside or go away and return to normal?

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in case you didn't know this, Omar Epps was also in ER.

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What happens if you go number 2 and aren't able to use this tube?

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Holy moly. As a father this video is a quick way to instantly burst into tears. What a horrible situation you had to go through. I see you are able to give people happiness in times of immense grief. Are there days where you just can't stop crying?

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Have you ever had one of those emergency moments where you can feel your bowel movements going in high gear and there isn't anything you can do to slow/stop them so your only hope is to have your ducks in a row for when stuff starts coming out.

Case in point? driving to work one day out in Washington, DC on highway 270 to Bethesda. usually takes about 1 - 1.5 hours with traffic. About 1/2 way there all of a sudden my bowls started to get a little painful and hear a little rumbling in my bowels. I continue to slowly get closer to work, but I know I'm still 30-40 minutes away. After about 20 minutes I feel as though I have transferred all available muscles from my body to help keep my anal cavity as tightly closed as possible,as the smallest opening is all that it will take before the flow waters open up. Not long after my plan was enacted is when it all came crumbling down. A small squirt came out for a split second I thought "Maybe it was just a fart? But you could feel that it was wet and not dry. Then another one, lasts a little longer this time around. Then, what come around the corner, is the full evacuation of your bowels.When you are driving to work when this happens, You end driving to work and when you get out of the car you end up having shit fall out of your pant legs onto a parking lot, or you do what I did, and turn around, go home, run inside, take a shower and change, and then drive back to work again. Has anything remotely like this happened to you?