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A fourth is the distance between C and F. (C D E F) Playing in fourths has a specific sound, as would playing in thirds or fifths or any other interval primarily.

He plays mostly chords that would fit in the funk genre versus the rock or jazz or other genres.

Diatonic modality basically means he plays notes that are “in the key” of the song. Staying in the key gives a “stable” feeling, whereas playing outside the key feels “unbalanced”.

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I always love seeing your picture backstage at music venues I’m performing at. Do you have any tips for someone learning bass guitar?

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When I was a kid, my mom and I went to the local video rental store and were thinking about renting "The Edge". My mom asked if it was appropriate for kids. Manager said "They say the 'm-er f-er' word a couple times but that's it."

As we both know, it wasn't a few times and that definitely wasn't the only thing. :)

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My buddy and I are both in committed relationships with women that have a ton of anxiety issues. Can you explain anxiety to us? What can we do to help them overcome these feelings? Him an I are pretty extroverted non-anxious people.

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There’s some great food in Champaign-Urbana, like Black Dog (bbq). Also a very fine university with an incredible arts program.

The area around St Louis has some very interesting cities with a lot of history. Alton, IL is home to many olympians as well as the tallest man that ever lived. You can drive up and down the Mississippi and get a nice view of the river. Also, if strip clubs are your bag, Brooklyn, IL has got something crazy going on you can’t find even in Vegas.

In the Quad Cities you’ll find gambling riverboats and some good German restaurants.

There’s even a town called Metropolis that has a bunch of Superman themes.