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So, how exactly how did you fall off of the tractor?

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There isn't one. The best way to learn programming is to just do. Get an idea for a project, doesn't matter if it's a little one, but just get yourself a goal to work towards.

From there, only look at the next step you have to take. Look up how to complete that step. It doesn't matter whether it's how to set up your environment or how to get some code running, just take it step by step until you reach the goal.

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You say money always talks, but Apple's own ad network failed because they refused to run targeted ads. I'd say the fact they gave up money for principles is pretty telling.

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Someone disagrees with my opinions, must be a shill.

How do we know you're not a plant told to try and undermine someone's legitimate arguments?

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You say

it doesn’t technically sell your data

But it actually doesn't sell your data. That's the thing. All of these technicalities and allusions just create misinformation.