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I almost wonder if DE/MD/VA would prefer the case not be rendered moot so as to establish a more solid precedent regarding CWA enforcement. That said, any solution that "fixes" the enforcement problem quickly would probably be best from the perspective of the Bay. I'll dig around some more and see if I can't find the complaint - I would love to know the specific legal theories they are going after here. I found the CBF complaint but not the DE/MD/VA one. Thanks!

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I think my question ended up on the deleted thread, so here it is again! Is the suit filed by DE/MD/VA against the EPA the same as the suit filed on Sept. 10 by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation? Either way, do you think any suit has a chance of success for the plaintiffs? It would seem there has definitely been sort of "relaxed" enforcement from EPA, but how does this all look from a legal perspective? If you have a link to the DE/MD/VA v. EPA complaint that would be great! I can't seem to find it myself...