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Have you learnt Braille? I work with a blind student who uses a Braille device to browse the web

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What advice would you give to students who are avoiding school due to anxiety? Or, what advice would you give to teachers of high school students who are avoiding school due to anxiety?

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If you were to offer one piece of advice to a teacher who has students struggling with perfectionism, what would it be?

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That's really interesting, and something we are already acutely aware of. We try to teach that being good enough is good enough, that aiming for perfection in one task will cause problems elsewhere, possibly in the longer term.

The hardest part is how to explain this in a way that changes behaviour and internalised thought. How can we change this thinking effectively?

I can see highly competitive people aiming for the A+, and that's fine, but its the endless chase for that last percent than means you either drop the ball on something else, or fall apart at the end. But I think most teachers would agree that this is a real problem.

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Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, for many of us (teachers), we ARE the support resource on campus. And we are woefully undertrained in how to respond to a child with anxiety.