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Jaimiejammers11 karma

Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. "Wild" spoke to me on multiple levels as well as your "Dear Sugar" columns. Its truly amazing how much beauty you've created from hardship. Your talent is a gift and it's helped me in some tough situations recently.

My question is how did you work through your selfish tendencies when it came to your relationship with your first husband etc. I am a big believer in therapy, and getting outside, but do you have any other rituals that help(ed) center you to make you the stronger woman you are today? I'm 30, very recently single, and need my own "Wild" moment!

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Jaimiejammers3 karma

You're very welcome. Your insights on things always seem to strum a chord in me. Thank you so much for the reply. I find the hardest thing is giving myself a long, hard look and judging with love. I will continue to hold myself accountable while forgiving myself and learning at the same time. Wishing you all the best!