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Can I get involved in this? I love you guys too!

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Yeah, check your pipes for scaling. You may be having a loss of flow due to closing of pipe apetures instead of reservoir drawdown. (The pressure shouldn't change but the flow out of a pipe can be deceiving about whats wrong).

If its the second, fuck it, I don't know, I just applied my general knowledge of geothermal systems (note: much more likely to scale). You're probably fucked.

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Not OP here, but as a child of two deaf teachers, one a preschool teacher and the other a professor at Gallaudet (OP's school), if your daughter is Deaf and isn't able to talk/hear as would be needed in a normal academic environment, I strongly encourage you to have her put in a deaf school. If she's at average or above intelligence, spec ed. would be a terrible decision, but I am generally against mainstreaming deaf people where possible. Your daughter is a special case and I'm not sure how well/not she functions in a hearing environment, but mainstreaming tends to lead to social isolation, etc, at least from my experience.

edit: Does depend where you live, to some extent, and as OP said some deaf schools can have inferior quality of education. However, as long as you are in the US, we have a really fantastic program in most states (I can attest to California's, at least).

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I'm definitely suffering from both for sure. Grad school has been a goddamn nightmare -_-'' Seeing my fellow sufferers come out of the woodwork here is a bit reassuring.

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Turkish music should do this to some extent too. I have a Saz I bought in high school on a lark and never learned to play (this was just slightly pre-youtube so the resources weren't available easily) and the thing has super weird fretting compared to, say, a western guitar's- take a look at the wikipedia picture of one