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Hey Chuck, there was some great discussion over at r/urbanplanning about municipal accounting. How would you recommend overcoming the obstacle of a finance director shutting down discussions of considering infrastructure such as roads to be liabilities on the balance sheet or annual reports? I can't imagine every city has the resources to hire an Urban3 type company to do a financial autopsy like Lafayette, LA, unfortunately.

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Had super bad shits two days before the summit. Not fun.

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Doing the Lord's work, John! Thanks for pointing this out!

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Building on this, I imagine there is some accounting lingo that this could fit appropriately under that may lend credibility to that supplemental reporting. I know that isn't your wheelhouse specifically, but it may be interesting to have Strong Towns look at that as an article so that our governments can couch the critiques from Strong Towns in language that is acceptable when the finance department gets it and conveys it to the municipal council.

Thanks for all of the hard word you're doing. Strong Towns is legitimately reshaping local government conversations (and hopefully practice) each day.