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Like @JagexJZ already said, we do have an internal Diversity group that was started up by a bunch of us. We are running employee driven initiatives (like this AMA) and offer people a platform to share ideas for improvements!

There are a lot of ways to tackle this from different angles: - Get support! We have buy in from lots of high level people in the company that stand behind our initiatives, which helps a lot. - Elevate others: See open job positions and know a woman that would be perfect for the role? Encourage and champion women you know! - Inspire new generations. My favourite day at work this year was definitely when we hosted a work shop together with Girls' Game Lab and taught 8-12 year old girls how to make their first game in one afternoon! We also went to a few school career days and talked about our jobs. I wish someone had told me early on this was a possible career path, so I could have learned many of the required skills earlier on! - Offer platforms and ways that allow people to safely point out bad stuff.

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My favourite thing is our awesome art community! I love seeing the creativity and love that players pour into their art pieces.

One thing that sometimes makes me a bit sad is how extreme some of the comments can get, especially when specific people are targeted. I think feedback is such an important part of game development and it can be so helpful and contribute a lot to making the game the best it can be, but having to filter through a lot of nonconstructive negativity can make it really hard.

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Hiding eastereggs and little jokes and waiting to see how long it takes for people to find them!

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Oh, so many! Gaohmee (Twitter) is an amazing game designer and I do look up to her a lot. In this company, there's a whole bunch of bold and awesome ladies who I aspire to be more like :) I love the persistence and passion of many of our content creators.

And if I could draw only half as good as Dagna (one of our artists) my life would be complete ^^

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Water and a microfibre cloth... I don't have that much patience for these kind of things in the evening.