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Nice try! But if we told you, then they would read this and know our strategy?

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Working and attempting to home-school the kids with the school shutting. I wish I had time to play RS in the background.

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Although I love constructive criticism and a good hearty discussion where all the parties involved are open to change their minds so that everybody can agree on the best solution for everyone, I'm not a big fan of people who want things a certain way and get the pitchforks out if you want to talk about it. Everybody needs to realise that we're tying to make everybody as happy as possible, and not one person super happy and the rest unhappy.

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1 We see a problem. Go to 2

2 We try a solution. Go to 3

3 If it works, go to 4. If not go to 2.

4 Woot! Go to 5.

5 Bots come back anyway. Go to 1.

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I've worked in a few games company and I have not really found it a problem, but I know it entirely depends what company you work for. There are some outliers with worse culture than others, and even within one company it can go in phases depending on who's in charge. I think that's the case everywhere. We're in a pretty good state right now though, and things are only getting better.