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Hey, I don't have any questions for you (annoying, I know, I'm sorry guys)-- just wanted to let you know to not give up hope. My little brother was born with a disease that caused various severe health problems his whole life, including making him appear to look severely pregnant (which sucked a lot for a teenage boy), and a failing liver. He was on a transplant list for 2 years, never had even one possible donor, from age 18-20. Last summer his liver completely failed and he almost died of a blood infection, and then miraculously received a liver the day afterwards. He is doing great now; first time in his life that he's ever been completely healthy. He looks handsome, normal, and has been dating a few girls (like a playa) this year, and finally got to start to college at the age of 21. Never give up hope, your life could become GREAT!! I know how much this sucks for you right now, but you need to just hang on and have faith that things will get better. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk about anything. My brother is my best friend, we're only a year apart and have been roommates since he graduated high school, so I know pretty much everything that went through his mind as everything was happening.

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When you get the transplant your stomach will go back to normal! Seriously, my brother lost 40 pounds during his transplant surgery because of all the fluid they drained out, and they also took out his spleen which weighed about 22 pounds. Now his stomach is perfectly flat, honestly a little concave because he is so skinny now (not a bad problem to have for us girls lol). Luckily those flowy shirts and tanks are in right now and they look so cute! I'm so glad I could pass on a little happiness to you! I'm a 22 year old girl too, and us twenty somethings need to stick together, so PM me if you ever want to talk!!